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About us

We’ve learnt a lot over the years. Today, we continue to apply this knowledge and share our experiences on every project. We’re team players who work together with the single, focused goal of improving the long-term income generation of real estate assets. In repositioning an asset we balance judicious capital expenditure with active management of our properties to maximise and stabilise income. We then make key decisions to either hold the asset for income returns or initiate its strategic disposal.

We’re selective in our work. We place our attention on sourcing undervalued assets that with the right vision and strategy illustrate strong potential for an outstanding transformation. Our shared goal is to create remarkable and rewarding locations, most often for discerning tenants or improving planning outcomes.

What we value most is the story behind the building. Knowing that we can play a role in turning the desolate into the desirable is a truly rewarding responsibility. We’re dedicated to delivering the best results for ourselves and the people and places we work with. This means that everything we do is calculated. The decisions we make are strategically focused on the goal of increasing value. Often this will mean challenging the status quo and thinking beyond the current use of the property. All too often the initial approach may not always be the most obvious one, but the results are frequently dramatic, and in many cases surprising.

So that’s what we do. We see potential where others don’t by looking out for unconventional opportunities that many asset managers wouldn’t necessarily have the appetite for. With an open minded and agile approach, we love to adapt to unique scenarios, changing circumstances and market movements. Through carefully understanding the nuances of the market and finding the most appropriate time to reposition an asset, we realise great value for our clients.

Sustainability is a big part of our business. Every repositioning aims to make the best and most efficient use of the property. We adopt environmentally sustainable practices because we believe it’s the right thing to do, we also see it as a win/win outcome. Not only do sustainable improvements contribute to the increased life cycle of an asset, but they also add value. We’ve chosen this approach in order to create a culture considerate of the communities we operate within – actively supporting our tenants and building managers to maximise the benefits and returns of their sustainability efforts. Through improved operational efficiencies and by adopting innovative processes, we continue to achieve great outcomes for tenants and shareholders alike.

Our dedicated team is critical to the success of our business. We’ve worked hard to build a group with the specialist skills in real estate needed to execute our value adding strategies. We work hard to maximise our investment performance. For owners, we bring the skills and tools to the table, enabling properties to stabilise distributions and achieve positive returns of capital on realisation. For lending partners, they’re always kept abreast of our strategic priorities and progress in accordance to our agreements. For tenants, it’s all about minimising occupancy costs while maximising the quality of the environment they work in.

Active and astute, we blend creative execution and commercial strategy to add long-term value to property assets.

Welcome to One Five One.