Rethinking an unprecedented time

May 22, 2020

It’s fair to say our new way of life has taken a bit of getting used to. But on the bright side, our COVID-19 world has been a catalyst for new ideas, new hobbies and new ways of thinking. Our brilliant GM of Marketing and Brand, Karina Knight, is testament to this.

While many people have had to come to terms with cancelling their travel plans, Karina has had to face the fact that her family’s relocation to the UK in June, has become a matter of if, not when. With their new adventure on hold, both parents working from home and two boys needing to be home-schooled, Karina decided to make the most of a bad situation.

“By week two of isolation I started to rethink the whole COVID situation and turned my thinking into opportunities. I decided to work around the house depending on my activity – just like at the office. My high focus area became the balcony, and I set my process working area inside with one of my boys,” Karina says.

On top of rethinking her way of working, rethinking how her family would socialise also became very important – to help avoid the pitfalls of isolation. 

“I decided to make a real effort to connect with my network – virtual drinks, virtual book club. I’ve even started having virtual dinner parties, which are loads of fun, and a new way of connecting.” 

When it comes to food for those dinner parties, the heightened community awareness around globalisation and food supply motivated Karina to make more conscious and thoughtful purchasing choices. 

“I’m buying a lot from local food producers now. It’s a great way to give back to our regional community and help educate the kids on our regional areas when we look up where the corn has come from. [Unsponsored plug] I buy my produce and meat from OOOOBY!

“Also, since there’s no eating out, I’m making meals from scratch – focusing on taking the preservatives out of our diet. That means making tomato paste, broths, stock – time-consuming but for me it’s about being really conscious of what we are eating.”

Despite all the positives to come out of this experience, Karina admits it has been challenging, especially as someone who needs their own space for quality thinking and moments of inspiration.

“I think knowing that we are doing this together, is probably the single most helpful thing, and at the end of the day, knowing that my family were meant to be moving to the UK where the situation is much worse, I think we’ve got a lot to be grateful for living in Australia – and that helps too.”

Karina, we have our fingers crossed for you and your family that your new adventure will be back on track soon.