World Day for Safety & Health at Work: An opportunity to reflect & think ahead

April 28, 2021

Today, Wednesday 28 April, marks the 2021 World Day for Safety & Health at Work. 

As a memorial day, it is a day to reflect on those who have suffered a life changing injury or illness, or even loss of life, whilst just doing their job. Data tells us that in Australia, work-related fatalities have steadily decreased since 2007, impressively by 53% based on 2019 figures. However, a closer look tells us that more than one worker in every 100,000 still loses their life on the job (mainly men), and in fact there have been 29 work-related deaths in Australia so far this year. 

Transport, warehousing and construction jobs rank highly in number of fatalities, as do jobs in electricity, gas, water and waste services. Many other people have been severely impacted physically or psychologically, by some aspect of their work, and not just in high-risk industries.

World Day for Safety & Health at Work is also an opportunity to think ahead. How does what we’re doing now have an impact on the health and safety of others? What are the emerging health and safety issues businesses need to consider as they adapt to new industries, new technologies, or tackle challenges such as climate change and COVID-19? What’s important to focus on now so that work related fatalities and injuries / illnesses don’t slip backwards to higher levels? These are not easy questions to answer, but worthy questions to ask ourselves individually and as a business. 

At 151 Property we are bringing our business risk register to life through consistent assessment of health and safety impacts and meaningful data insights to sharpen our focus and start to make real sense of what lies ahead.  By doing this we start to see how our decisions can influence things ‘down the line’ where the work happens and adjust accordingly.

Perhaps you have a personal connection to someone who’s life has been changed by a work accident, or maybe this day is just a reminder that we all deserve to go home safely at the end of each work day.  Whichever it is, it is important to not take health and safety for granted in the workplaces you interact with.

Together we’ve still got work to do.