Behind the scenes at 151 Property

Apr 21 2022

Grab a coffee and take a moment to hear from Jane what a typical day at 151 Property is like.

What drew you to work in real estate?

It’s a very dynamic industry where no two days are ever the same. It offers the opportunity to create a legacy in cities and communities, improving & developing the buildings & spaces people live, work or shop in.

How would your team describe you, in two to three words?

They’d probably ask for a few more words! I think they would say I’m passionate, hard-working, curious and dedicated.

What drew you to work in real estate and join 151 Property?

It was an industry I was familiar with as a result of my previous role. For me it wasn’t about the business itself more the people. I immediately felt a really strong connection to Chris as the CEO, his style, commitment to culture and leadership approach.

There’s great energy in the 151 Property team. Our people are smart, engaging and curious. For someone like me, that makes it a really rewarding workplace to be in.

How would you describe your role?

I’ve got a bit of a hybrid role. It’s a leadership role, but it’s also very hands on too, so I get the best of both worlds, having the ability to drive our people strategy, and also engage with our people in a very personal way. It’s such a great opportunity for me to use the experience and expertise I’ve gained to help 151 Property navigate through the growing pains of evolving from a small organisation to a larger one – and the people challenges that go with that.

So what does a typical day look like for you?

It’s very fast paced. I have to continually flex what I do, and how I do it, cognizant of what’s going on in the business at any one point in time. Right now, I’m focused on embedding the culture to make every individual’s work experience more meaningful. We want to create a work environment that people want to stay in for the long-term.



There’s great energy in the 151 Property team. Our people are smart, engaging and curious. For someone like me, that makes it a really rewarding workplace to be in.

What shared purpose and values do you see in people at 151 Property?

Our people are very supportive of each other and incredibly generous with their time. It’s a very inclusive and collaborative environment, where you can achieve great things working together

How would a colleague describe you in a of couple words?

Pragmatic, highly commercial, collaborative, down to earth. I am someone who will constructively challenge the status quo.

How do you make a difference for 151 Property’s people and customers?

I believe if we can introduce the right environment and growth opportunities for people, they’ll flourish. And that has a positive impact for Blackstone and our customers.

It’s about investing in our people and their development, and understanding what talent wants today – which is flexibility. I think that’s something our business does incredibly well. Our genuine care for our people is on another level. When working parents were home schooling during lockdowns, we invested in a series of programs for young children to give their parents a bit of a break. We’ve also recognised that COVID has forever blended some aspects of our work and personal lives. The ability to give our people some time back has been a real priority for us.