Back to the future: Building on established principles to create a sustainable retail future

Jan 27 2022

We were all navigating unchartered waters in 2020 when the pandemic delivered the first wave of disruption and uncertainty to retailers, landlords and shoppers.

Some key learnings from this period – approaching negotiations with a spirit of empathy and practicality, focusing on maintaining strong relationships and navigating challenges with positivity and mutual respect – positioned us well for further lockdowns in 2021. Conversations quickly translated into solutions as we all worked toward a common goal of getting back to business as soon as logistics and safety allowed.

The resilience of our retail assets over the past two years is testament to our broader strategy of creating shopping destinations anchored on location-based entertainment and experiences. When supported by a curated mix of complimentary offerings, we’re able to appeal to new audiences, increase dwell time and create a competitive advantage that reverberates across the entire centre.

Our strategy also fuels an entrepreneurial approach to leasing, with the investment in start-up enterprises that deliver a strong point of difference to our centre and portfolio retail mix. Apart from rewarding our existing shoppers with new and diverse experiences, this practice enhances our mix of dining & entertainment and encourages visitation from beyond our traditional trade areas.


In 2022, we’ll continue to execute our established and successful plan to transform our shopping centres into lifestyle destinations that offer a unique mix of convenience, education & entertainment services and experiences that cannot be duplicated online. This in turn supports our model of repurposing and revitalising undercapitalised assets in readiness for the next wave of growth.