Our People

The strength of our business has always been its people. Approachable and accessible, open communicators and high performers. And above all, passionate about real estate.
The strength of our business has always been its people. Approachable and accessible, open communicators and high performers. And above all, passionate about real estate.

Our Leaders

Marc is 151 Property’s passionate leader, committed to fostering a dynamic and relationship-focused asset management team that delivers exceptional real estate outcomes for our properties, partners & communities.

Ryan is on a mission to reimagine office life in Auckland harbour, driving an integrated neighbourhood strategy that helps solve the needs of the businesses and the community.

Accountability and agility are two of Gary’s natural talents as a leader, allowing him to drive market leading performance across all our national retail and residential portfolios.

Abby drives the performance of our Victorian industrial portfolio, leveraging her strong relationships with our valued partners, whilst being an active member of the PCA Infrastructure, Industrial and Logistics Committee, and WiN, a network that promotes women in industrial.

Tim oversees the performance of our NSW and QLD industrial portfolio, ranging from last mile logistics to big-box warehouses and with his people-first mindset, mentors the wider industrial team.

Sachin leverages his people management skills and industry knowledge to lead the Analytics team in driving strategy, research and delivering exceptional outcomes across all our sectors of Real Estate.

Ramsey is the passionate lead of our retail leasing team, using his innovative thinking and unrivalled experience to find creative ways to maximise the value of our retail assets.

Lloyd is our Residential expert who focuses on cultivating relationships and building communities across our Build to Rent portfolio, Realm. An experienced Asset Manager who leverages his strong finance & analytics background to optimise the performance of our residential portfolio.

Emily is responsible for the performance of our Australian office portfolio.  Leveraging her strong industry connections and bringing a people centric approach, she seeks to drive best in practice principles and to deliver market leading outcomes.

Behind the scenes with

Sachin Dave
Head of Analytics
  • How did you start your career in Real Estate?

    After years as a trainee auditor for property clients, I pivoted to the landlord side of Real Estate, starting in the logistics sector. What drew me to the industry was how Real Estate reflects how people use and require their physical space. After starting at 151 Property, I was immediately involved in a very intensive and detailed technology project to enhance our forecasting capabilities. I was also fortunate enough to work on high-value transactions such as Milestone. I've since expanded my scope across multiple sectors, now leading a dynamic team who contribute to our exceptional performance and drive pivotal business decisions.

  • What excites you about your role and what keeps you motivated?

    I'm drawn to challenges, particularly in private equity real estate, where adapting to market trends is key. At 151 Property, we stay agile to craft tailored asset strategies and work together in delivering them. My motivation lies in fostering my team's growth—I take pride in seeing them thrive. Helping new Analysts make their mark is incredibly rewarding.

  • How important is the role of analytics in Real Estate?

    Vital. At 151 Property, delivering premier asset management and maximizing investor returns hinges on understanding market dynamics and leveraging data effectively. Equally essential is adept communication with stakeholders. Analytics isn't confined to screens; I encourage my team to build industry connections because networking unveils insights you won't find anywhere else.

  • How would a colleague sum you up in a few words?

    They would say I’m confident, measured, and trustworthy.

  • Any career advice to those starting out in their careers and aspiring to follow a similar path to you?

    On my very first day of work, my father advised me to 'be a sponge' – listen and soak up what those around you say and do Another key lesson I learnt from a mentor was to always say yes to growth opportunities, no matter how nervous they make you feel I’ve embraced this advice, and it’s helped lead me to where I am today.

    My own advice? Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If you work hard, things will happen for you. The path isn’t always linear, but perseverance makes you more resilient, and in the long run resilience goes a long way.

Our partners

We work with our community partners and regulatory bodies, as well as leading property managers, facility managers, development managers and project managers to make that happen. That way, our core in-house team can focus on serving our customers, investor stakeholders and the occupiers of our spaces.

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