Our People

The strength of our business has always been its people. Approachable and accessible, open communicators and high performers. And above all, passionate about real estate.
The strength of our business has always been its people. Approachable and accessible, open communicators and high performers. And above all, passionate about real estate.

Our Leaders

Marc is 151 Property’s passionate leader, committed to fostering a dynamic and relationship-focused asset management team that delivers exceptional real estate outcomes for our properties, partners & communities.

Ryan is on a mission to reimagine office life in Auckland harbour, driving an integrated neighbourhood strategy that helps solve the needs of the businesses and the community.

Accountability and agility are two of Gary’s natural talents as a leader, allowing him to drive market leading performance across all our national retail and residential portfolios.

Abby drives the performance of our Victorian industrial portfolio, leveraging her strong relationships with our valued partners, whilst being an active member of the PCA Infrastructure, Industrial and Logistics Committee, and WiN, a network that promotes women in industrial.

Tim oversees the performance of our NSW and QLD industrial portfolio, ranging from last mile logistics to big-box warehouses and with his people-first mindset, mentors the wider industrial team.

Sachin leverages his people management skills and industry knowledge to lead the Analytics team in driving strategy, research and delivering exceptional outcomes across all our sectors of Real Estate.

Ramsey is the passionate lead of our retail leasing team, using his innovative thinking and unrivalled experience to find creative ways to maximise the value of our retail assets.

Lloyd is our Residential expert who focuses on cultivating relationships and building communities across our Build to Rent portfolio, Realm. An experienced Asset Manager who leverages his strong finance & analytics background to optimise the performance of our residential portfolio.

Behind the scenes with

Marc Lucas
Managing Director
  • What drew you to work in real estate?

    I grew up in a family with deep roots in commercial and industrial real estate, so I've always been passionate about pursuing a career in property. My grandfather was in property, my father's in property, my sister and even my partner. I love the constant learning curve.

  • What do you think industrial real estate will look like in a few years' time?

    Since the pandemic, the industrial logistics sector has become a core necessity in society. We’ve seen exponential growth in cold store facilities, healthcare distribution and of course the eCommerce boom. I believe we will see more growth in life sciences and digital infrastructure, like data centres. Assets will need to keep adapting – for example embedding green energy.

    This type of growth is also reflected in most investment strategies. Five years ago, a diversified fund would only have about 10% weighting to the industrial & logistics market. That’s changing, and industrial growth is certainly not slowing down. It's a very exciting time for this space.

  • How do you look for opportunities to add value to an industrial asset?

    We need to understand the business of our customers, or future purchasers, and believe in what they are trying to do. That's fundamentally our job.

    We need to know how business is going. Are they in expansion mode? What challenges are they facing? Is this asset and location the right fit for them? We are always looking at ways to do things differently to add value. When we understand what's important to our customers, we can grow the portfolio organically, and our investors benefit from that.

  • How would a colleague sum you up in a few words?

    Enthusiastic, comprehensive and supportive. If I’m dealing with conflict in a business setting, I need a rounded view of the situation, to see things in a different light and be able to understand what’s causing that for the other party. I believe it is integral to achieve real solutions and a strong, supportive environment.

  • What developments inspire you most right now in Australia or New Zealand?

    To be honest, I think it's yet to come. That's what excites me. What the future can hold and where things can go once we start embedding technology into these assets and masterplan precincts around them. This coupled with the growth we've experienced over the last couple years, it's going to be awesome. We are a strong team already, and we're going to be that market leader in this industrial space because we have Blackstone’s backing.

Our partners

We work with our community partners and regulatory bodies, as well as leading property managers, facility managers, development managers and project managers to make that happen. That way, our core in-house team can focus on serving our customers, investor stakeholders and the occupiers of our spaces.

Just a few of those we work with

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